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Our objects

All available for sale apartments in residential complexes of the company "Quantum". For any questions, please call: +38 (067) 496 37 37

Baltiysʹka Hall

Street Baltic, 19

16 apartments

from 2 000 $ / sq. m

date of delivery: 4th quarter 2019

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Shchyretsʹka, 117

street Shchyretska, 117

4 cottages

Buildings: 4th quarter 2016

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Yeroshenka, 14

street Yeroshenka, 14

42 apartments

Buildings: 4th quarter 2016

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Apartments in Lviv from the Developer

The purchase of housing incurs significant financial costs. In an effort to quickly buy an apartment in Lviv, customers do not even think about how many intermediaries are in the real estate market. Services in the choice of options, a free demonstration of the square meters sold, quick preparation of all necessary documentation, providing information on rent arrears - such services of intermediaries are more relevant for the secondary real estate market.

If you choose the location of Lviv, apartments in new buildings will be the best option. Their acquisition does not require the collection of an extensive package of documents and overpayment for the realtor services.

To appreciate the benefits of direct cooperation with the developer, to realize the bold designer fantasies of planning your own home, it is enough to buy an apartment in the residential complex of the construction company Quantum.

Modern Format for Connoisseurs of Practicality

Are you fascinated by historic Lviv? The apartment (you can buy it first hand) in a modern residential complex will be your oasis in the bustle of the city. The construction company Quantum strictly adheres to the tendencies of construction of modern buildings with nontrivial architecture. It intertwines hi-tech, modernism, functionalism:

  • decisive renewal of structures and forms, line clarity;
  • strict compliance of buildings with everyday processes inside (lack of decor, ornaments, devoid of functional purpose);
  • the most complete plane of materials (monolithic walls, glazing, flat roofs);
  • monochrome finishes (gray, white, brown).

Consumer interest is an opportunity to influence the internal design of the space. Together with the creative specialists of the construction company, you can develop a special layout of the apartment. This is a new format for new buildings in Lviv, where each client will be able to implement interesting design projects.

Quantum offers small apartments in Lviv and duplexes. There are options for customers of different purchasing power. The facilities are located in ecologically clean areas. Cottage town was commissioned in 2016. It is already possible to buy an apartment in the new building of the BALTIYSʹKA HALL complex, where the start of sales has been announced, and the commissioning of the object is planned in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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