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Start of construction of Baltiys’ka Hall

HCC “Quantum” began construction of RC Baltiys’ka Hall in the third quarter of 2018.
RC Baltiys’ka Hall is a one-way house of club type located in the Frankivsk district of the city in the area of multi-apartment and private residential development, where the cozy atmosphere is dominated, and the well-developed infrastructure creates daily comfort for its inhabitants.
The entrance hall is the core of the residential complex – a zone that meets residents and guests, so the main task for designers was the creation of an interior that would combine laconicity, simplicity and comfort
The interior is made in light colors with the use of such natural materials as wood and marble. They are complemented by brass elements that best convey the refinement of the interior. The center of the spacious hall is a zone with comfortable furniture for waiting, rest and communication. Particular attention should be paid to the reception – a heavy, monolithic structure with elements of marble, which hosts guests and demonstrates the status of the complex. Also, the designers focused on the entrance areas of the apartments, which are made up of veneered modules and numbered with backlighting. Stylistics smoothly passes to all floors of the complex, forming a bright and cozy space for a happy life.
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